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American Integrated Circuit is manufactured in the United States with US materials and by US employees.


Upload your chip files to our secure portal or simply share a file link. Our expert engineers will review your file and order quantity for an immediate quotation and timeline for delivery of your custom/commercial integrated circuit. We are capable of manufacturing RISC-V, ARM, and X86 form factors to comply with your needs.


At American Integrated Circuit, we manufacture our own metallurgical silicon, mono silicon, and wafers utilizing the newest equipment and methodologies developed over the last six decades.


At American Integrated Circuit we produce chips directly from file without the need for custom dies and machining. This enables rapid manufacturing, R&D, small batch sizes, and seamless changeover. This reduces costs and overhead which allows us to operate at competitive prices.


We employ some of the brightest minds when it comes to IC manufacturing, development, and innovation. When you have a manufacturing need or concern, you can interact with our US representatives or schedule an in-person visit and tour of our facility. While you are here, feel free to use our flex R&D space, test equipment, and consult directly with our experts.


At American Integrated Circuit, we develop full-stack digital solutions in partnership with our clients. Together, we create the applications that drive our economy, fuel the American Spirit, and reimagine the technology of the future. Our team of first-class engineers, scientists, and material specialists has the experience and expertise needed to serve businesses representing a wide range of
business sectors and industries. We are fearless in our pursuit of superior technology and push the fringe of what is thought possible.

Being made in the USA demands a premium level of attention and reliability from our products and services. We are determined to provide a superior experience to our customers, and our perseverance towards our ambitions set us apart.



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Become a Partner and Change the world of Integrated Circuits with US.

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