Upload your latest files and quantities. With our version control, you can see iterations, changes, and notations on your chips, layers, or larger projects. When you and your team are ready, simply select your quantity and send your files straight to production.


At American Integrated Circuit, we manufacture our own metallurgical silicon, mono-silicon, and wafers utilizing the newest equipment and methodologies developed over the last six decades. Whether your applications require 99.99% pure mono-silicon or 99.9999999%


As mentioned above, we produce chips directly from file without the need for custom dies and machining. This enables rapid manufacturing, R&D, small batch sizes, and seamless changeover. This reduces costs and overhead which allows us to operate at competitive prices. We have developed extensive IP that keeps us at the cutting edge of capabilities including TRUE 5-micron feature sizes instead of the industry "equivalent to..."


We employ some of the brightest minds when it comes to Integrated Circuit manufacturing, development, and innovation. When you have a manufacturing need or concern, you can interact with our US representatives or schedule an in-person visit and tour of our facility. While you are here, feel free to use our flex R&D space, test equipment, and consult directly with our experts. We are big supporters of the makers and DIY'ers of the world and support the RISC-V architecture. Connect and help grow the capabilities of technology.


Whether you are a small start-up making new recreational drones, or a Corp-500 company manufacturing medical devices. We fit into your ecosystem, version control, and buying cycle to streamline your fulfillment needs.

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