We raise the bar of what is possible. We question the status-quo and facts of perceived reality, then we step beyond those limitations leading the industry in a continuous pursuit of supreme and limitless technological development. We are American Integrated Circuits, the Gold Standard and Preferred manufacturer for all things TECH.


In 2019, our Founding Director, Col. Hardin, was trailblazing new technology in the medical & healthcare industry. This development would create the taxonomic architecture for every biological and non-organic reaction in science. Real-time monitoring of cascade reactions on micro scale as well as macro environmental impacts and implications. Furthermore, the inter-connectivity and security enabled the sharing of data, procedural information, and real-time imaging for immediate collaboration from laboratories spread around the globe. In 2020, this technology was being fast tracked through large buyers and government laboratories. The standard experimental procedures and FDA open API data pipeline was in development and ground was being broken for the large scale manufacturing operations.

Like many, the economic shut down required delays, new logistics partners, new vendors and supplier for components. Screws, Steel, Plastics, and especially electronics were all hard to secure reliably. When the were obtained, the quality was questionable and resulted in increased overhead and operating expenses. When the price of silicon surged 300% and the need to hand inspect every micro-chip for defects and malware, it was apparent that there was a problem.

As Col. Hardin advises all the businesses he consults, he began market research. All the businesses he worked with, partners, businesses he sits on boards or advisory positions, agnostic of the industry faced a similar problem. When speaking to a Policy Executive Secretariat from the Department of Defense an agreement was made that as much of the Integrated Circuit vertical would be moved to the United States, and these chips would power our military and government.

Many sleepless nights later, Col. Hardin and assembled team developed IP that would not only provide a cost effective method of refining microchip grade silicon, but compete on price with Pre-Shutdown numbers. Our IP reduces manufacturing costs by >23x, increases final product yield by 4x, and reduces feature size to 5μm from the industry 20μm-23μm, another 4x improvement on industry.

The build-out for this factory begins in Kentucky June 2022, and the first chips are expected to roll off the line December 2023. However, recent partnerships, interested customers, and government relationships may enable this to happen as early as December 2022. We are proud to be in the beautiful bluegrass state of Kentucky, and above all, we are proud to be a U.S. company, employing U.S. citizens, and manufacturing with U.S. materials. For the first time in nearly two decades, the full stack of Integrated Circuits is brought back to America.

American Integrated Circuit was founded by experienced executives, entrepreneurs, and innovators. We, our partners, advisors, and directors have touched every industry. From Barbershops, the largest publicly traded businesses, and military both within and in government private partnerships.

Despite these accomplishments, what sets our leadership apart is the desire to grow, learn, and improve. We are all patriots that elevate our neighborhoods, communities, and fellow man. We understand that many hands make light work of heavy tasks. We also know that what we are doing is innately HARD. The reason no one else has founded new manufacturing in the U.S. in nearly two decades, let alone Integrated Circuit manufacturing, is the deck is stacked against success. But with our experience, our persistence, determination, and most of all our friends and partners, we are making history.


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